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Martine Le Normand - Artiste Peintre

Setting suns.
last glows before nightfall, Black.
Yellows, ambers, browns.

Rusts :
natural colours born from steel and water synergy.

Today's world wants sanitized, smooth, reassuring things. We worry over the functioning of our machines or the durability of our currency. We fight this expression of Time, this oxidization that is nonetheless an expression of life. Time can embellish, glorify. It colours, dresses, adorns. Makes it possible for us to meet with matter, objects that we have sometimes long forgotten. Then do we realize it can be something else than disgrace.

Its work calls for a future laid on a blank page.

When later on the page is touched by rust, we have first to accept what comes, quite unlike to what was foreseen. An invitation to breakout. This meeting with the unexpected, the resulting loss of balance, makes us want to lean on a familiar, yet till then deeply buried, material. What is already engraved in the fabric of the paper is going to blend with another memory, for a text, a creation, to be re/born, revealing what will form a story.
Martine Le Normand