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Martine Le Normand - Artiste Peintre
Of rust and colours

A self-taught artist, Martine Le Normand is especially fond of inventing her own techniques. You will find no oxidisable metal in her rusted cardboards and papers. To « imprint » her materials she makes do with such elements as water, steel and the varying temperature of seasons. These make the genesis of the works she creates in the Burgundy countryside where she lives.

Then she must both submit to the rust inlaid in the weft and defeat it ; she must invent a grain as existent to the eye ; she must find the right balance between submission and improvisation ; she must come up against the living fragments of a strange and forever winding geometry and play along with her inspiration and intuitions.

Which makes her work noteworthy indeed : it can move from complete abstraction to seemingly more figurative shapes, sometimes verging on the impressionism that reveals her love of Japan.

Martine Le Normand uses pencils, charcoals, oil pastels, water colour pastels, acrylic paint. Anything that will take her to the world of strong hues and subtle shadings that make her universe come alive.

Julia Evans